Searching for a Band?

You are seeking a band for a special occasion that is on the horizon and don’t quite know how to begin your search. You have a clear idea of exactly what you desire but don’t know quite how to start looking.

Some suggestions on finding and booking a specific type of musical group include:

Ask Friends and Relatives:
No one knows your taste and preferences better than your best friends and closest relatives. Ask them about any good groups that they may have heard in the area lately. Inquire as to the quality of the music, noise level, number of band members, and the general set-up of the instruments and staging.

Read Reviews:
Almost everything of any significance is reviewed online in this day and age. Seek reviews of local bands that you are interested in. Don’t expect every one to be perfect because people have so many different tastes and preferences in the songs they like to listen to. For example, you probably wouldn’t get a very good review from a teenager’s parent who listened to a rap band. Keep an open mind and just get a general feel for how most people enjoyed the specific performances.

Hire an Agent: If you are having great difficulty in finding the music you need, you may wish to consider contacting an agent. Often, an agent will not charge you any more than the band usually does. You do not have to pay for his services as the band is responsible for paying him a finders’ fee.

Attend Music Festivals: This is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable means of finding that perfect band. Listen to several and take notes on the sound, the songs played, and the general appearance of the band itself. Picture these bands at the event you have coming up and select the one that best fits your venue, theme and pocketbook.

After you have found the band of your dreams, be sure to ask for a contract. Read it thoroughly and make sure the date, time and details are all correct. Double check the price, electrical requirements, when the deposit is due, and how long they will play for the price given. Ask them for an hourly rate if they are asked to play longer than the contract states.

They may also need several hours to set up so check with the venue to make sure this is possible. Discuss special songs that may need to be added to the playlist as well as how loud the venue will allow the music to be played.

Determine whether song requests will be taken during the party and how that will be handled.
If you hire a good band for your special occasion, it will create the best and liveliest atmosphere for you and the guests at the event. Quality music can make the party successful and create memories that will last for a lifetime. This is a process and decision that does take time so do not rush in making your final selection.