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11 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About Smart Air Purifier

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We all know that Mom is always right. So, when it comes to smart air purifiers for your home, it’s important to listen to her advice. 

Here are eleven things your mom should have taught you about smart air purifiers:

1. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Good Air Purifier.

Your mom was probably always on your case about keeping your room clean, but what she might not have realized is that the quality of the air in your home can be just as important as the cleanliness of your surfaces. An air purifier can help to remove harmful airborne particles, pollutants, and allergens from the air, making it a healthier place for you and your family to breathe.

2. Choose An Air Purifier With Care.

Not all air purifiers are created equal. When choosing an air purifier for your home, it’s important to consider things like the specific needs of your family (e.g., if anyone suffers from allergies or asthma), the size of your home, and the types of airborne pollutants you’re most concerned about. Doing your research upfront will help you to select an air purifier that’s right for your needs.

3. Place Your Air Purifier In The Right Spot.

Once you’ve got your air purifier, it’s important to place it in the right spot. The ideal location for an air purifier is in a room where people spend a lot of time, such as a living room or bedroom. You’ll want to avoid placing it in a corner or near a door, as this can limit its effectiveness.

4. Change Your Air Purifier’s Filter Regularly.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your air purifier working properly is to change the filter regularly. Depending on the type of air purifier you have, the frequency with which you’ll need to change the filter will vary. However, it’s generally recommended that you replace the filter every few months.

5. Clean Your Air Purifier Regularly.

In addition to changing the filter, it’s also important to clean your air purifier regularly. This will help to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated on the device. Most air purifiers come with specific cleaning instructions, so be sure to follow those carefully.

6. Use Your Air Purifier In Conjunction With Other Methods Of Improving Indoor Air Quality.

An air purifier is a great way to improve the air quality in your home, but it’s not the only method. Other things you can do to help improve indoor air quality include opening windows to let fresh air in and using exhaust fans when cooking or showering.

7. Be Patient When Using An Air Purifier.

It can take some time for an air purifier to make a noticeable difference in the air quality of your home. In some cases, it might take a few days or even weeks for you to notice a change. However, if you’re persistent with using your device, you should eventually start to see improved indoor air quality.

8. Don’t Use Chemicals To Clean Your Air Purifier.

Cleaning your air purifier with harsh chemicals can damage the unit and shorten its lifespan. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution or the cleaning brush that came with your unit to remove any build-up of dirt and debris.

9. Don’t Put Your Air Purifier In Storage.

Just because you’re not using your air purifier doesn’t mean it should be stored away in a closet or basement. If you live in an area with high humidity, keeping your unit stored in a dry place will help to prevent rust and corrosion.

10. Keep Doors And Windows Closed.

When your air purifier is running, make sure all doors and windows are closed to prevent outside air from coming in and diluting the purified air inside your home.

11. Don’t Let Your Air Purifier Run 24/7.

Contrary to popular belief, running your air purifier non-stop will not make it work better. It can shorten the lifespan of your unit and make it less effective over time. Most air purifiers have an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in when the unit is no longer needed, so be sure to take advantage of this energy-saving feature.

By following these simple tips, you can help to keep your air purifier running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. And who knows, maybe your mom will even be impressed with your knowledge!

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